RJ009. Amalia Bloom​-​Maiden Voyage

by Amalia Bloom

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Chiaroscuro 01:08
All I can feel, it is form. All I can see, it is colour.
Vessel 03:10
I've been sinking down with the ship I used to lead, deeper than the Marianas Trench, while something lacked within me: a scope. After the rain, the calm, a gap in the clouds, the light of the sun that enshrouds me. Once, I dreamed to be carried away by a man, who found my body, dead, hanged to the mast. A violent epilogue, to me the most peaceful end. Back then, I saw Polaris fade through the mist and lost the landmarks to draw the route, so I sat, lowered motion, for I remembered: "If the bottle does not break, ..." Oh, sometimes I still wonder if it's real, all I eye, and answers, something I can not find. While the tissues white were waving wistfully to consecrate the sailing, I was not sure whether I would reach the subsequent port, so I made a solemn pledge to myself: to remember, the night before, the soothing words of a friend, who said: "... guarda il cielo." I've cast it with strenght, it did not break. The tide rises and I start to shake. To someone the worst of latter ends, to me, in retrospect, the most blissful event. In the eye of the storm is where I am right now. But as Polaris fades through the mist, the compass stings paper and draws the route so I stand on the ocean, beholding my whole world, facing it again. The squall led to shipwreck but I've been Robinson Crusoe.
Kynosoura 02:41
A guiding principle. Brume, a lantern cleaving the gloom. A lone star craving for a place in a constellation. Once, I asked a friend to read my palms. She said: "You will experience something picturesque". Then, I set the sight beyond the roofs of the neighborhood and in the blink of an eye I felt my soul converge with the azure heights. A dream, naif, I could envision it whole: my world. The view from the window was good: Orion, Ursa Major, the Bull. Good halcyon days, when I couldn't think, just fantasise when night and day meet. The more I wonder, the more I shrink. Oh, beloved nymph, tease me out of thought. Is this the life I used to dream of or... ...Am I venturing into the recondite parts of my mind? The stars move still, time runs, the clock will strike.
Perspectives 03:15
A tightened knot, an hoisted sail, to leave the harbour, to shove off. Adagio, the hull caressed the ocean, a dulcet and entrancing sound that put me under spell. A compass that spins, to be lost, to be adrift, that sound and other memories that I can grasp from the distant time I've decided to embark on this voyage alone. An airway, among the stars, I’ve drawn their lines with a square. A rocket launch to escape the land and Gain Awareness Of The Universe. We all traipse in intricacy, wandering in a space full of questioning (and I may know where I happen to be: ...) ... lost in space, in my unconscious, (Do I really exist?) soaking my being into cosmic latte. The window is closed, the sights outside, I can spot my home. I’m pointing the finger over the atlas hoping it will lead me à la maison. Off course and so lone. Will somebody call my name? Will somebody call me now? You're so down to Earth and I'm up in the stars so show me the sea and I'll take you to Mars. I'm so down to Earth and you're up in the stars, I'll show you the sea if you'll take me to Mars. Get back to shore, respire the air on the ground. Break through the atmosphere, bathe in the heat of the sun. Oxygenate your lungs. Despite everything I've seen I can breathe, I can feel.
Dormiveglia 00:48
All I can feel, it is core. All I can see, it is shade.
Rest up, cloak your fears on a pine tree. Jump into the Milky Way. Raise your hands, embrace the fathomless and then lie down again. As outer space reflects my eyes, I dive into the infinite. When I saw in red and blue, mountains fell and I grew. Microscopic native spells, they fill the neurons in my head and as systems'll get complicated, I'll lose my equilibrium and explode. I breathe, in ecstasy. As outer space reflects my eyes, I dive into the infinite. When I saw in red and blue, mountains fell and I grew. Microscopic native spells, they fill the neurons in my head and as systems get complicated, I lose my equilibrium and explode.
Impasse 02:53
Supernova, the temperature rises up, explosions paint the mind in colour. The impulse accelerates down the axiom and I see it come to life, right before my eyes. It's night, I can see someone yelling at me, then they fall asleep and I scream, stuck between. Separate, form and core. Disparate entities are dream and verity. I sleep, exhale. It's night, I can see my body and me, escaping it. I wake, inhale. I know that now I exist, in forms that I used to miss. Now I know that... ...I'm lost in ages, tasting the relish of time. I'm lost in infinite extent, clocking the flow of life.
Solarium 03:10
From reverie, I just woke up again. The fresh breeze of fresh cut grass welcomes another summer day. I smell it, coming from the window. All night long it has been wide open: I must've forgotten to close it. I've found myself up here, up in a solarium, among dust and secrets hid under these floorboards. My back hurts but the awakening was still. As sleep will scrape off my eyes, I'll be ready to come forth and rebehold the stars. The sunrise bleeds in and immensity fills me with light. Epiphany thrives as I write. Overwhelmed by the will of feeling part of a system, I've embarked on this maiden voyage and left for many great adventures, with my insight as vessel, to inaugurate the infinite routes I can travel with my mind. I closed my eyes to spot the stars on the ceiling, I opened my eyes when I perceived Venus and you will be watching me from the observatory as I'll be taking off from my bed. I'm spending my time painting my own world in my head. I fly through neurons, I see life from above. Dear Life, I've rocked in your illusion, you've destroyed space, stopped time and made me open my eyes to realise that I really exist so, dear Life, once it'll be time to shake death's hand, help me reunite to my Motherland: she will tuck me in, and I'll be for aye asleep. I'm spending my time painting my own world in my head, waiting for the end.


Vinyl coming soon.


released September 27, 2019

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Yari Ricco @ Eyeless Recordings, Vicenza (IT).


all rights reserved



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